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How to Use Fiber Optic Adapter?

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Fiber optic adapters, also known as fiber couplers, play a key role in aligning individual fibers in a cable with fibers in another cable.



1. What Is an Optical Fiber Adapter

The fiber optic adapter is a small device that connects the fiber patch cables together. Fiber adapters may have different shapes, but they are all designed to perform the same function to connect and align the connectors of the two fiber cords. The fiber adapter allows fiber jumpers to connect to each other individually or in large networks, allowing many devices to communicate at the same time.


Most fiber connectors consist of three parts, two fiber connectors and one coupler. Two fiber connectors are installed into two fiber tails. The key of optical fiber connection is the accurate alignment of each fiber core. This alignment is achieved by two precision components, the ferrule in each connector and the alignment sleeve in each adapter.



2. Working Principle

The requirements of optical fiber connection and copper wire connection are quite different. Although the two copper conductors can be directly connected by solders or connectors crimped or welded to wires, on the one hand, most connectors are based on a 2.5mm diameter ferrule in which the fiber is located. The ferrule both holds and aligns the fiber. On the other hand, each fiber adapter has a positioning sleeve inside. The purpose is to connect the ferrules of the two joints together and pair them in the adapter sleeve at about the midpoint.



3. Considerations on Selection of Fiber Adapter

Because there are many different shapes of adapters available, how to choose the right fiber adapter can be a problem. Although all of these adapters look the same, there are some key differences in adapter quality that can seriously affect the performance of the data center. In general, the following two points should be considered when considering fiber adapters.


Type of Cable to Be Connected;

There are many different types of hybrid adapters. If the connecting cables are different, a hybrid fiber optic adapter is required. It can be designed to install any two types of fiber optic cables together. So before purchase, be sure to know which type of cable needs to be connected.


Adapter Positioning Sleeve Material;



4. Fiber Adapter Cleaning Procedure

Although the fiber optic adapter is small, it should also be cleaned in accordance with the appropriate cleaning procedures. There are two basic cleaning methods, dry cleaning and wet cleaning.


(1) Dry Cleaning

First, insert the dry cleaning joint cleaning rod (or fiber adapter sleeve brush) into the adapter, and pull it out with torsional movement. Clean the surface aligned with the sleeve. After cleaning the adapter with the connector on one end, check the end face of the joint for contamination.


(3) Wet Cleaning

Insert the adapter cleaning rod (or fiber adapter sleeve brush) stained with fiber cleaning solution (or > 91% isopropanol) into the adapter, then twist and pull out. Clean and align the inner surface of the sleeve. Next use a dry swab. After cleaning the adapter with the connector on one end, check the the end face of the joint for contamination.


Optical fiber adapter is an important part of optical fiber system, which plays a small but key role in optical communication system. In the optical fiber communication system, every device is valuable, no matter how simple and small it is.