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What is MPO/MTP Optical Fiber Patch Cord?

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MPO connector is one of the MT series connectors. The fiber stubs of MT series connectors are precisely connected by two guide holes with a diameter of 0.7mm and guide pins on the end face of the fiber stubs. MPO connectors and optical cables can be processed to produce various forms of MPO optical fiber patch cords. MPO optical fiber patch cords can be designed with 2 to 12 cores, up to 24 cores. The 12 cores MPO connector is currently used the most. The compact design of the MPO connector enables a large number of cores of MPO optical fiber patch cord with a small size. MPO optical fiber patch cords are widely used in environments where high-density integrated optical lines are required in the wiring process. It is also used for the internal and external connection application of FTTx, 40 / 100gsfp, SFP + and other transceiver modules or equipment.



Classification of MTP / MPO Optical Fiber Patch Cords

MPO optical fiber patch cord is divided into the transfer type and non transfer type. There are many kinds of transfer MPO optical fiber patch cords, such as banding MPO optical fiber patch cords, fascicled MPO optical fiber patch cords, etc., which can transfer out 2 to 24-core cable branches. Connection head types can be specified by the customer, common types are FC, LC, SC, ST, etc. The total length or branch length and other requirements of MPO optical fiber patch cords can also be customized according to customer requirements.


MTP/MPO optical fiber patch cords can be divided into single-mode MTP/MPO optical fiber patch cords and multi-mode MTP/MPO optical fiber patch cords according to the mode of light transmission within them. 


According to whether there are branches at one end of MTP/MPO optical fiber patch cords, MTP/MPO optical fiber patch cords can be divided into MTP/MPO trunk type optical fiber patch cords and MTP/MPO branch type optical fiber patch cords. 



The Structure of MTP/MPO Optical Fiber Patch Cords

Due to the complex structure of MTP/MPO optical fiber patch cord connector, it should be used carefully. Therefore, it is very important to understand the structure of MTP/MPO optical fiber patch cord connector.  There is a "key" on side of MTP/MPO connector. In this direction, each optical fiber hole in the connector is numbered P1, P2, P3, etc. from left to right. In addition, when the connector is inserted, a white dot on the connector points to P1 side.



Application of MTP/MPO Optical Fiber Patch Cords

MTP/MPO optical fiber patch cords can be used for pre-connected terminal bridge connection between workstations, high-density optical fiber line, communication and cable TV network, data center wiring system, clients of LAN and WAN, etc.



Advantages of MTP/MPO Optical Fiber Patch Cords

1. MTP/MPO optical fiber patch cords have small diameter and small volume, which increases the wiring space.


2. The special design of MTP/MPO connector can eliminate termination error and save installation time greatly.


3. According to different configuration requirements of users, the corresponding structure of MTP/MPO optical fiber patch cord can be selected to meet different wiring requirements. 


4. Each component of MTP/MPO optical fiber patch cord has excellent optical and mechanical properties, and low insertion loss in high-speed network environment.