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What Do You Know About Field Fiber Optic Connector ?

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Military field communications and emergency communications are very important in national defense and public emergency response. Not only are they required to be stable and fast, but the communication conditions in this case are very limited, and the communication environment is often very harsh. Field fiber optical must be able to adapt to various complex terrains and climates. Field fiber optical connectors are specially designed for rapid wiring or repeated retracting under extreme conditions such as field operations and complex environments. It has the advantages of light weight, convenient docking, stable signal, etc. Let's take a look at the connector of field fiber optic.


Field fiber optical connector is an optical fiber quick connector specially designed for military field optical cable. It uses a neutral bayonet locking structure, which can achieve fast and arbitrary connection of the plug and the car wall type female seat, the plug and the plug, the base and the base under the same model. It currently can realize the connection with fiber core number from 2-12 core at a time, and can be blind inserted. The connection loss is small, and it has characteristics of high reliability, waterproof, dust-proof, harsh environment resistance, etc. It can be used in various military field fiber optical communication networks, military computer systems, airborne or ship-borne equipment, optical cable repair systems, etc.



1. Structural Characteristics of Field Fiber Optical Quick Connectors

1) Using neutral connection technology. You can quickly and stably connect the plug and the base, the plug and the plug, and the base and the base without using an adapter or a flange.


2) Positioning pin design. Positioning pin can ensure the correctness of multi-core fiber optical connection at one time and can realize blind insertion, high-precision pins and jacks ensure the connection accuracy, interchangeability and repeatability of the fiber optical.


3) The connector shell (plug and car-wall base) is made of high-strength composite material, which is light in weight and high in strength, it can effectively prevent electromagnetic induction and protect the safety of equipment.


4) The plug and the car-wall base of the field fiber optical connector are equipped with an internal ferrule dust cap and an external waterproof and dust-proof cover, which can effectively prevent the pollution by moisture, air impurities, and dust, ensuring connection quality.


5) The high-quality standard ceramic ferrule and housing connection size can achieve full compatibility with existing equipment.



2. Main Technical Indicators of Field Fiber Optical Connectors

1) Fiber optic type: single-mode, multi-mode

2) Insertion loss (dB) ≤1.0≤0.8

3) Interchangeability (dB) ≤1.3≤1.1

4) Repeatability (dB) ≤1.3≤1.1

5) Insertion and removal times (times) ≥1000

6) Tensile strength (N) ≥1000

7) Vibration (m / s2) 98 (f = 10Hz ~ 500Hz)

8) Shock (m / s2) 490 (t = 11ms)

9) Working temperature (℃) -40 ~ 85