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Wall-Mounted MPO Optical Fiber Distribution Box

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Wall-mounted optical fiber distribution box is a type of optical fiber distribution box installed on the wall. It can be used to draw out optical signals with optical fiber patch cord through the adapter in the optical fiber distribution box to achieve the optical fiber wiring function. Take the wall-mounted fiber optic box as an example, it can load 2/4/8 fiber adapter panels and 2 reels, and can maximize the density in a limited space. What's more, it can also reduce installation time.



Composition  of wall-mounted MPO fiber distribution box

MPO pre-end backbone optical cable

MPO pre-terminated fiber optic cables are conducive to rapidly deployed data center and fiber optic infrastructure environments. Spanning the connection between MDA, HDA and EDA module box or fan-out cable, its efficient plug-and-play architecture greatly reduces the initial installation and daily maintenance costs. The optical connection cable uses high-quality optical cable and MPO components. It is characterized by low insertion loss and high return loss to meet the demanding high-speed network.


MPO pre-end branch fiber optic cable

MPO-LC / SC / FC hybrid connector pre-terminated optical cable refers to the use of MPO single-head 12-core or 24-core connector at one end of the optical cable, and LC / SC / FC connector at the other end of the optical cable. The main application is in the ports or equipment area optical distribution frames that need to be directly connected to the system equipment from the main distribution area. The structure can also be used for extending optical cables for system expansion.


MPO-LC fan fiber

MPO-LC / SC pre-terminated sector optical fiber means that one end uses MPO single-head 12-core or 24-core connector, and the other end uses LC / SC connector. This product is mainly used in the pre-end module box, connecting thepatch cord between the pre-end backbone optical cable and the equipment.  We can make it modular and achieve plug-and-play. Compared with traditional welding, it greatly improves the convenience and efficiency of work.


MPO high-density fiber distribution frame

MPO fiber optical distribution frame, used for data center MDA, IDA or HDA distribution area fiber backbone connection and wiring management, can be installed with pre-connected MPO adapter module or MPO adapter front panel. It is installed in 19-inch racks and cabinets.


Advantages of wall-mounted MPO fiber distribution box

1. Wall-mounted optical fiber distribution box adopts 1.5mm cold-rolled steel material and electrostatic spraying process. It is characterized by good appearance, good anti-corrosion and waterproof performance, and long service life, which can fully meet the needs of any wall-mounted wiring management.


2. The wall-mounted fiber optic distribution box is equipped with an unlock button, which can effectively limit unauthorized access, and it can ensure the safety of the communication system, and provide comprehensive wiring capabilities for the fiber optic terminal box.

Wall-mounted MPO fiber optic distribution boxes are widely used, which play an important role in life.