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How To Install FTTH Fiber Optic Distribution Box?

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The main function of the FTTH fiber optic distribution box is to centralize and manage the weak electricity in each room. It contains different modules, such as a cable TV splitter, which can divide a cable TV cable into five cables and distribute them to different rooms without affecting its transmission performance. FTTH Fiber optic distribution boxes can realize home office automation, entertainment automation, security automation, and management automation.



The use environment of the optical fiber distribution box

The optical fiber distribution box is installed in the user's house which is only used by the user alone. Various types of ONU and various information expansion modules can be installed inside. The working temperature is -5 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃. Storage temperature is -40 ° C ~ + 70 ° C, working humidity is ≤ 95% (non-condensing), atmospheric pressure is 70 kPa ~ 106 kPa.



Test standard for fiber optic distribution box

1. Test conditions. According to standard atmospheric conditions, the temperature is 15℃ to 35℃. The relative humidity is 45% to 75%. The atmospheric pressure is 86kPa ~ 106kPa.

2. Structure and function check. Visual inspection is inevitable. When necessary, use vernier calipers for measurement or actual operation.

3. Material inspection and salt spray test. Place the fully assembled optical fiber distribution box sample in the test box, and test according to the FB / T2423.17-2008 standard KA method. At the end of the test, remove the sample immediately and rinse it with clean water.  After cleaning, place the sample under standard atmospheric conditions for 2h.

4. Mechanical performance test and tensile test. Clamp the optical fiber distribution box, and hold the optical cable or fiber optic adapter firmly with a tensile clamp. The stretching speed is 10mm/min, the maximum pulling force is 50N. It should be maintained for 1min.



Installation of fiber optic distribution box

1. The optical fiber distribution box to each information point needs to be embedded with corresponding specifications and quantity of PVC plastic pipes for protection. According to the number of cables, different specifications such as φ15-φ25 can be used.

2. The house wiring should be networked in a star-shaped manner. There is a single direct cable between the distribution box and the information point, and there must be no joints in the middle. The cable specifications should match the module model.

3. To facilitate installation and maintenance, 300mm of redundancy should be reserved when the indoor wiring penetrates into the box of the distribution box. 150mm redundancy is required in the distribution box.

4. It is recommended that each cable identify the corresponding room and location at one end to facilitate future installation and maintenance.

5. The wiring panel interface of all cables must be clipped into termination box, according to T568B standard.

6. The installation height of the fiber panel is generally 300mm away from the ground, or it can be positioned according to the needs of home decoration design.

7. Once the distribution box is installed after fixed-point position, it should not be moved. The network cabinet structure should not be changed.


The optical fiber distribution box is convenient for the unified wiring management of the weak current signal, which can help to separate the strong and weak current. This avoids the interference of the strong electric current on the weak electric signal and improves the quality of family life. With the above information, do you know how to use and install the fiber optic distribution box?