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What's the Material and Function Requirements of ODF?

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Earlier we understood the appearance and structure of the fiber distribution frame. This article mainly introduces the material performance and functional requirements of the fiber distribution frame.


Material performance of optical fiber distribution frame


Anti-corrosion performance


The materials used for all parts of ODF should have anti-corrosion performance. If the material has no anti-corrosion performance, it should be treated for anti-corrosion; its physical and chemical properties must be stable and compatible with the cable sheath and the pigtail sheath. To prevent corrosion and other damage, these materials must also be compatible with materials commonly used in other equipment.


Anti-corrosion performance


After the metal structure parts with surface electroplating treatment in the ODF have been subjected to the salt spray test for 48 hours by the salt spray test method, the appearance shall not have visible rust spots.


Coating treatment requirements


For metal structural parts that are coated, the coating and the substrate should have good adhesion, and the adhesion should not be lower than the requirements of Grade 2 in Table I of GB / T9286 standard: coating at the intersection of the cut and / or along the edge of the cut when the layer falls off, where the affected cross-cutting area is obviously greater than 5%, but its impact cannot be significantly greater than 15%.


Combustion performance requirements


The burning performance of the structural parts of non-metallic materials and optical fiber connectors in the equipment should meet one of the following conditions:


1) The test sample did not ignite;


2) The duration of the flaming burning of the test sample after leaving the fire does not exceed 10s, and the flame or burning or hot particles falling from the test sample do not spread the combustion to the bottom layer placed under the test sample.


Functional requirements of optical fiber distribution frame


Optical cable fixed protection


The optical fiber distribution frame shall have optical cable introduction, fixing and protection devices. The device introduces and fixes the optical cable on the rack, protecting the optical cable and the core of the cable from damage. The metal part of the optical cable is insulated from the metal frame, and the metal sheath and reinforcing core of the fixed optical cable should be reliably connected to the high-voltage protective grounding device.


Fiber optic termination


The optical fiber distribution frame shall have an optical fiber termination device. The device is convenient for the operation, construction, installation and maintenance of optical fiber core and pigtail connection. It can fix and protect the joints to be straight without displacement, to avoid the influence of external forces, and to ensure that the core and pigtails of the coiled optical cable are not damaged.


Line adjustment function


Through the optical fiber jumper connector plug, the core number in the optical cable can be quickly and conveniently scheduled and the path sequence of the optical transmission system can be changed.


Optical fiber core protection


After the optical cable is stripped, the fiber core has a protection device, and after the fixation, the fiber is introduced and there is a termination device.




The capacity of each rack and the unit capacity (determined by the number of adapters) should be specified in the product enterprise standard. The fiber termination device, fiber storage device, and fiber connection distribution device should be able to be configured in a complete set within the full capacity.


Logo recording function


The rack and the unit should have a complete identification and recording device for easy identification of the fiber core serial number or transmission path sequence, and the recording device should be easy to modify and replace.


Fiber storage function


There should be enough space in the rack and unit for storing the remaining fiber.


For more information about purchasing optical fiber distribution frames, please stay tuned for the latest developments in the article.