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Wall Mounted 8-core Fiber Optical Termination Box

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As the termination box is the bridge of the fiber optical and the caudal cable, it has a variety of functions. Diverse functions contribute to its wide application and constant innovation. Therefore, in order to learn more about its functions, we should learn the installation of the wall mounted 8-core fiber optical termination box first. 


1. Installation of Wall Mounted 8-core Fiber Optical Termination Box

(1) First, we should realize that the installation of position and mode, height of information module and termination box must meet the design requirements. At the same time, the spacing and protective measures should be prepared well while the fiber optical termination box is installed with information module and power socket.


(2) Second, if the fiber optical termination box is installed in the raised floor or on the ground, the fiber optical should be fixed in the junction box. The fixing mode of the fiber optical termination box can be determined according to the site construction conditions. Additionally, we can open the cover of the junction box whenever we need, so as to resist the water, dust and pressure.


(3) Next, the termination box can be installed with expansion screws and other fiber optical tools. And the fasteners should be tightened without looseness. Moreover, the panel should be kept at the same level, and the fiber optical termination box should be installed on the wall, which is 300 mm higher than the ground. In the meanwhile, if the raised floor is used in the room, the termination box should be 300 mm away from the surface of the raised floor as well. 


(4) Finally, we should make sure that all socket panels are marked with different colors, figures and texts, so as to indicate the business types of the termination box. More importantly, enough space for the installation of connection devices and adapters of the termination box should be guaranteed in the working area.



2. Function of Wall Mounted 8-core Fiber Optical Termination Box

For one thing, it is suitable for the fiber optical termination in the fiber optical access network, and it can realize flexible connection of optical cables. The shell of thetermination box is generally made of epoxy electrostatic spray, so its appearance is beautiful and it is easy to use. For another thing, the caudal fiber on the wall is mainly used for the fiber fusion or termination, which can provide the fiber receiving disk and organized space. More importantly, the adapter for the fiber optical of SC, St, FC or LC can be installed quickly. Its function is to connect the optical cables at both ends. The termination box is located where the end of the fiber optical is accessed, and the switch is accessed through the optical jumper. Therefore, the termination box is usually installed on a rack of 19 inches, which can accommodate more cable ends. In addition, the termination box is a protective structure connecting the optical cable and the caudal fiber, which can even be used as the indoor connector box in practical work.



It is obvious that the fiber optical termination box has massive functions and advantages. Thus, to make good use of its functions, we should care about its maintenance with the help of fiber optical tools.