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Structural Characteristics of Optical Fiber Distribution Frame

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Optical fiber distribution frame (ODF) is used to form and distribute the backbone optical cable at the local end in the optical fiber communication system. It can easily realize the connection, distribution and scheduling of optical fiber lines. As the degree of network integration becomes higher and higher, an optical number hybrid distribution frame integrating ODF, DDF, and power distribution unit has emerged. It is suitable for small and medium-sized wiring systems from optical fiber to residential area, optical fiber to building, remote module and wireless base station.


Appearance structure of optical fiber distribution frame

1. Frame structure


1) The frame structure has three types: closed, semi-closed and open.


2) The height of the rack is divided into three categories: 2600mm, 2200mm and 2000mm. The width is recommended to be an integer multiple of 120mm, and the depth is recommended to be 300mm, 450mm and 600mm.


3) The deviation of the frame size does not exceed ± 2mm; the vertical surface tolerance of the outer surface to the bottom reference surface is not more than 3mm.


2. Mechanical activities

The mechanically movable part should have the following characteristics: flexible rotation, moderate in plugging and unplugging, reliable locking, convenient in construction, installation and maintenance. The opening angle of the door should not be less than 110 °, and the gap should not be more than 3mm.


3. Introduce the bending radius of optical cable

When the optical cable is introduced into the rack, its bending radius should not be less than 15 times the diameter of the optical cable.


4. Frame structure

The structure should be firm, the assembly should be consistent and interchangeable, and the fasteners should not be loose. The sharp edges of exposed and operating parts should be rounded.


5. Protective sleeve, liner and bending radius of core and pigtail

When the optical fiber of the optical cable passes through the hole of the metal plate and turns along the sharp edge of the structural member, a protective sleeve and a gasket should be installed. Wherever the core and pigtail are bent, the radius of curvature should not be less than 30mm.


6. The surface of the rack

The coating layer should be smooth and clean, with uniform color, no sagging, no exposed bottom, and no burr corrosion on metal parts.


7. Text, graphics, symbols and signs on the structural device

The text, graphics, symbols and signs on the structural devices should be clear, complete and correct.


The role of optical fiber distribution frame

The optical fiber distribution frame plays an important role in the safe operation and flexible use of the optical fiber communication network, which is manifested in the following four aspects:


1. After the optical fiber jumper enters the rack, the optical fiber distribution frame can fix the optical fiber jumper on the rack, and can also mechanically fix its outer sheath and reinforcing core, thereby protecting the optical fiber jumper from external mechanical damage .


2. The optical fiber distribution frame adopts a box structure, which can save space and optimize cable management.


3. The high-density pre-termination system used in the fiber distribution frame can enhance the performance of the network and make the network reliable and scalable.


4. Optical fiber distribution frame can easily and quickly deploy high-density interconnects and cross-connects in the data center, simplify wiring deployment, improve wiring density, and effectively reduce wiring failures, making wiring flexible.


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