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New Generation Cloud Computing Data Center Ultra-high Density Patch Panel

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The title of Ober as "cloud computing fiber customization expert" is not false. Today, Dr. Ou's optical fiber technology experts will introduce a black technology product to you. This is a high-density & large-capacity spliced fiber distribution frame -9U distribution frame that conforms to the technology development trend and guides the development of the industry.


In modern society, all walks of life including Internet wiring, aviation wiring, financial wiring, power wiring, etc., need strong computing power to support. With the rapid development of society, the demand for computer rooms and data centers has also increased in quality and quantity. For example, our customer Alibaba, in early 2018, expanded its cloud computing data center for its new global cloud computing business. Another example is the completion and use of Terminal 2 of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. Due to the urgent need to resolve the capacity bottleneck of Baiyun Airport and the need to expand the engineering project, the construction of its computer room cannot be delayed. Among them, Ober's high-density spliced 9U patch panel was used to make the long-awaited Baiyun Airport Terminal 2 open as scheduled. It can be said that the 9U patch panel is like "rain in time" to win quickly.


Ober took the lead in introducing the industry-leading high-density optical fiber distribution frame-9U distribution frame to solve the problem of urgent time on projects encountered during the construction of data centers. This is a product independently designed by Ober. The advanced product concept of this product guides the development of the industry and conforms to the trend of technological development. The following will introduce the three most prominent advantages of 9U distribution frame.


Ultra-high 864-core patch panel, ideal solution for high-density fusion fiber


For high-density fiber cabling projects, the best cable management solution is to find the same high-density spliced fiber distribution frame. The ultra-high core count of 864 cores in 9U patch panel concentrates "storing" ten million messy optical fibers together.


The configuration of the 9U patch panel with a large number of cores can be flexibly and smartly divided, and has strong compatibility. It can adapt to many different types of optical cables, and can be connected to one 864-core optical cable or three 288-core optical cables. Up to six 144-core splice trays can be configured, and each splice tray can accommodate 6 pairs of 12-fiber ribbon fusion splices. It can be said that it is very intimate to meet the use of different types of optical fibers.


Pre-installed ribbon pigtails, 12 times faster installation speed


The pre-installed ribbon pigtails of the 9U distribution frame are very convenient to install, which greatly saves the time of manually sorting the optical fibers one by one. Use the finished single 12-core Ribbon pigtails to be pre-terminated on the distribution frame, that is, you don't need to clean up the single-core pigtails one by one during construction. This minimizes the construction time, speeds up the project progress, and guarantees the time for the project to go online. It also reduces labor costs.


Save space and save money


As a "saving type" product, 9U distribution frame has achieved space saving and cost saving. The large-capacity design with large number of cores reduces the occupation of cabinet space. More optical fibers can be spliced in a unit volume, which is very suitable for data centers with tight space utilization or leased data centers. For example, it can solve the problem of tight space utilization of data centers in Hong Kong. Combined with the use of a large number of ribbon optical cables, it can also save a lot of pipe space. All in all, 9U patch panels are versatile but do not take up much space.


With the era of big data becoming a national strategy, a new wave of data center construction is starting. Data center capacity requirements are getting higher and higher, customers are paying more and more attention to the stability and reliability of network connections, and the pursuit of efficiency in delivery and business changes is becoming more and more urgent. With the advantages of high efficiency, flexibility and low cost, cloud computing has become the most important data solution for enterprise data centers. As an important part of data center infrastructure construction, integrated wiring has entered a new era of "customization" to adapt to changes in market demand.