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How To Install Fiber Splice Enclosure?

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The fiber splice enclosure is an indispensable and important component in the optical cable line, which plays a vital role in the protection of the optical fiber cable connection and the communication transmission quality of the optical cable line.


From the current application situation, most of the communication line failures are not on the fiber optic. Most of the failures occur in the fiber splice enclosure, such as poor sealing performance, water in the connector box, increased optical loss or even fiber breakage, and poor fiber connection. In addition, the overhead optical cable is affected by the external environment. The winter contraction and summer expansion lead to frequent failures during season change, which also occur in the connector box. Therefore, the installation of the fiber splice enclosure is very important. Only correct installation can avoid subsequent problems as much as possible.


Installation method of fiber splice enclosure

Preparation of fiber optical

1. Remove the outer sheath of the optical cable or the shield and armor, and then remove each wrapping to expose the loose tube. For the specific method, please follow the standard method steps recommended by the optical cable manufacturer. And it is better to prepare a length of 3 meters fiber optic.


2. Clean loose tube and reinforced core sheath with detergent. Remove the excess filler sleeve and polish the cable sheath with the sandpaper provided.


Installation of fiber optical

1. Select the sealing ring with the smallest inner diameter according to the outer diameter of the fiber optical, and sleeve the two sealing rings on the optical cable.

2. Put the fiber optical into the corresponding entry hole.

3. Connect the shield and ground.

4. Wrap self-adhesive sealing tape between the two sealing rings. The sealing tape is wound flush with the outer diameter of the sealing ring to form a sealed end of the fiber optic.

5. Press the sealed end into the fibre optical entry hole.

6. Seal the remaining unused fiber optic holes with plugs. Sealing tape is also wrapped around the plug.


Connection of fiber optical

1. Coil the upper and lower coils with 1.5 turns of fiber optic, and then coil all the remaining fibers in the box.

2. Use a single-core buffer tube for single-core fiber mounting, and use a ribbon buffer tube for ribbon fiber mounting. Tighten with nylon cable ties at the entrance of the welding plate.

3. Butt the two optical fibers according to the prescribed method, and the connector is snapped into the slot of the fusion splicing unit.

4. Cover the fusion splice tray, please press it into place.

5. According to the different capacity required by the splice box, determine the number of superimposed splice trays. The superimposed type of the fusion splice tray must meet the inspection and maintenance requirements of the fiber splice snap-in fusion splice unit.


The fiber splice enclosure is an important part of the optical cable network, and plays a very important role in the stability and reliability of the network. In the process of urban construction, a large number of fiber splice enclosures will be used. If you have the need to purchase fiber splice enclosure and fiber optic tools, welcome to send your inquiry.