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Fiber Distribution Frame: Network Necessities

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Data center is the core of network operation, and optical fiber distribution frame is the nerve center of wiring network. It is an important supporting equipment in optical transmission system, which is used for the termination and distribution of local side main force optical cable in optical communication system.


The optical distribution frame can mainly be divided into 12 port optical fiber distribution frame, 24 port optical fiber distribution frame, 48 port optical fiber distribution frame, 72 port optical fiber distribution frame, 96 port optical fiber distribution frame and 144 port optical fiber distribution frame.



1. Function of Optical Fiber Distribution Frame

Optical distribution frame makes the transmitted data reach the destination, and plays an indispensable role in today's cabling system.


(1) Fixed Function

After the optical cable enters into the frame, the outer sheath and the reinforcing core shall be mechanically fixed, and land Line protection parts should be added additionally. End protection processing and optical fiber grouping and protection should be made.


(2) Fusion Function

After the optical fiber from the optical cable is fused with the tail cable, the redundant optical fiber is coiled for storage. The fusion joint shall be protected.


(3) Deployment Function

Connect the connector on the tail cable to the adapter, and realize optical connection with the optical connector on the other side of the adapter. The adapter and connector shall be able to be inserted and pulled flexibly. The optical path can be freely deployed and tested.


(4) Storage Function

The storage function provides storage for various cross connected optical cables between racks, so that they can be placed orderly. There shall be proper space and mode in the optical distribution frame to make the optical connecting line clear, convenient for adjustment and meeting the requirements of minimum bending radius.



2. Precautions

The following problems should be paid attention to in the integrated wiring of optical distribution frame.


(1) Remaining Capacity of Optical Cable

A certain amount of optical cable shall be reserved to ensure the fiber strength film on the distribution frame chassis. This will prevent the fiber from being pulled out of the panel and prevent the cable from being overstressed.


(2) Secondly, its Protection Performance

The optical distribution frame shall provide sufficient protection for the connector to prevent accidental contact.


(3) Finally, Its Applicability

Optical distribution frames should be able to allow the removal of existing connectors and the addition of new connectors or fibers, and it must also be able to store and identify non connector fibers from horizontal or backbone cables.


The function of optical distribution frame is very important. With the increasing degree of network integration, in the construction of new optical fiber networks, the cable with large number of cores shall be selected as far as possible, which puts forward higher requirements for the capacity, function and structure of optical distribution frame. A hybrid optical fiber distribution frame integrating ODF, DDF and power distribution unit has emerged, which is suitable for optical fiber to community, building, remote module office and small and medium distribution system of wireless base station.