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What Is The Difference Between MPO And MTP Fiber Connection?

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With the rapid development of data centers, cloud computing, cloud storage and other applications have gradually penetrated various industries, and the bandwidth requirements for network communications have also increased rapidly. MTP / MPO optical fiber wiring has become the best solution for high-density and high-bandwidth network communications. There are two types of optical fiber connection systems on the market, which are MTP and MPO. They are very similar and compatible with each other to a certain extent. So what is the difference between them?



What is an MPO connector?

MPO is the abbreviation of multi-fiber pull off. The ferrule of MPO connector has more than one fiber optic core, which is mechanically snapped into place.


Various manufacturers on the market now have a variety of MPO designs, and different types of fibre optical connection products have very different performance and cost. The characteristics of some products make their performance more prominent. Some MPO connectors can be matched with many different brands of products, but some cannot. This interoperability depends on the similarity of the design about these fiber optical connectors with standard products. For the complete definition of the MPO connector, please refer to the implementation of IEC-61754-7 and EIA / TIA-604-5 (aka FOCIS 5).



What is an MTP connector?

The MTP connector is a high-performance MPO connector with multiple innovative designs. Compared with the general MPO connector, the MTP fiber connector has been enhanced in optical performance and mechanical performance. MTP connectors fully comply with the professional standards of all MPO connectors, including EIA / TIA-604-5 FOCIS 5 and IEC-61754-7. MPO fiber optical connectors are pairable MTP connectors that comply with industry standards, which means that it is feasible to replace MPO connectors with MTP connectors to obtain better performance. The performance of most MPO connectors that follow the old design is quite limited, and they cannot provide the same high performance as MTP fiber connectors.



Why are MTP connectors described as high-performance MPO connectors?

Through the specially designed MTP connector, its performance and usability are improved compared with MPO fiber optical connector. This design feature of MTP is unique and protected by patents. The main features are as follows:

1. The outer frame sleeve parts of the MTP optical fiber connector can be easily removed.The MTP ferrule design can ensure that performance is not lost during rework and re-grinding during production. The negative and positive can be flexibly changed after assembly and even on site, and the interference can be tested after the ferrule is assembled.


2. The floating ferrule of the MTP optical fiber connector can improve the transmission performance during mechanical docking. The two connectors can be allowed to maintain good physical contact with the matched ferrules under the influence of external forces.


3. The elliptical guide pin of the MTP optical fiber connector is made of stainless steel. The elliptical guide pin can improve the accuracy of the docking and reduce the wear on the guide hole, which makes the MTP optical fiber connector maintain high-performance transmission more lasting.


4. There is a metal pin clip in the MTP fiber connector to fix the push ring. The specific feature is to prevent the loss of the guide pin and concentration of the pressure generated by the spring.


The above is the introduction about MPO and MTP fiber connectors. We have been focusing on the optical communication industry for many years. If you need network cabinet, optical distribution frame, base station cabinet, SMC cabinet and fiber optic tools, welcome to contact us.