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Virtual Reality Development

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Reality VR (Virtual) technology is a comprehensive application of a variety of techniques to create a realistic artificial simulation environment, simulation of human in the natural environment of a variety of cognitive behavior of the advanced human-computer interaction technology. Virtual reality devices are becoming an important computing platform and social networking platform, virtual reality content will become the next content revolution. Since 2014, the international Internet giants have entered the field of virtual reality. By 2025, the market size of the field will be more than $150 billion.


Reality VR (Virtual) technology

In 2025 the global virtual reality market size will reach $150 billion


Market research firm TrendForce latest report shows that in 2016, the global virtual reality market size will be close to $6 billion 700 million. If the Apple Corp quickly enter the field of virtual reality, in 2020 the market size of the field will be as high as $70 billion. The gaming industry analysis firm Superdata predicts that by the end of 2017, the global VR head mounted display equipment sales will reach 70 million units, $8 billion 800 million and $6 billion 100 million in hardware software to about $15 billion in revenue.


Virtual reality content and supporting services has become a hot investment. Science and technology market research company DigiCapital released the "2016 report" virtual reality show, in 2015, the global investment relates to the field of virtual reality, the total amount reached $686 million, the investment has achieved 6 consecutive quarters of growth. The relevant investment involved in film and television, games, services and solutions, head mounted display equipment, advertising and marketing, applications and related technologies, including film and television, games and services and solutions in investment in the top three, then wearing a display device. 2016 will be a year of capital to enter the virtual reality. By 2020, the total investment in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality will reach $120 billion.


The next 10 years, the size of the virtual reality market will be more huge. Goldman Sachs released the "2015 report" virtual reality show, in 2025 the global virtual reality hardware market will reach $80 billion, the scale of software market will reach $72 billion, the total market will reach $152 billion.


The international giants have set foot in the field of virtual reality


2014, the Internet giants have the layout of the field of virtual reality. March 2014, the Microsoft Corp to spend $150 million acquisition of Osterhout company in the hands of 81 virtual reality technology patents, began to enter the field of virtual reality. In March 2015, Facebook spent $2 billion acquisition of immersive virtual reality technology company Oculus VR, the company is a technology leader in the field of immersive virtual reality, with rich experience in the development of virtual reality equipment.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes that the virtual reality will become the next big computing platform following the smart phones and tablet PCs and other mobile devices. The future who can become a new computing platform for control, who will have the ability to redefine the entire technology industry. April 2015, the acquisition of the Google Corporation Skillman and Hackett two virtual reality company, the two companies are related technologies will be integrated into the Google 2016 main push virtual reality devices. At the same time, the Google Corporation also large-scale recruitment of personnel, will be the focus of future development of virtual reality equipment. May 2015, the Apple Corp acquired the virtual reality startups Metaio, officially enter the virtual reality industry.


Reality VR (Virtual) technology

Vision devices and interactive devices are the core products of the virtual reality hardware market

Virtual reality equipment is related to the field of virtual reality technology and hardware products, can be divided into 3D scanner, visual display devices such as the 3D display system, large projection system, head mounted stereoscopic display, sound equipment such as 3D sound system, interactive devices such as location tracking instrument, data glove, 3D input device, motion capture equipment the eye tracker, and force feedback equipment etc.. At present, the main research and development field of virtual reality equipment is visual display equipment and interactive equipment.


Virtual reality visual display device

Virtual reality visual display of equipment products is a virtual reality glasses and virtual reality helmet, virtual reality glasses has a cheap, portable, and closed the virtual reality helmet and stronger sense of immersion. The design principle of these two devices is the use of glasses or helmet will be people on the outside of the visual and auditory closed, through the visual display of three dimensional image display device, the user generated in the real environment of experience.


May 2014, Google launched the virtual reality display device Cardboard Google. The device is a virtual reality glasses with lenses, and with 3D display software for the smart phone connection, the user can bring shocking visual effects. Similar to the product and the development of the virtual reality Microsoft Corp VR VR Kit, the design principle of the two are similar, but the price is slightly higher Kit.


Virtual reality interactive device

Virtual reality interactive equipment is also the market for the fierce competition among the major enterprises. Only in 2015, manufacturers first to launch more than a dozen interactive virtual reality products. The virtual reality interactive devices on interaction between human and virtual environment, users can pose accurate real-time transfer to the virtual environment, and contact information and virtual object feedback to the user, the user is more direct and natural, and effectively interact with the virtual environment, greatly enhance the human-computer interaction and user immersion.

In January 2015, Microsoft Corp launched a virtual reality interactive devices holographic glasses HoloLens, the device can capture the user's actions, and through the computer generated effects added to the virtual world, realize user manipulation of virtual space. Information, pictures, video can be directly presented to the user in front of the user through the holographic glasses HoloLens, without the need for any information carrier. The user can practice as the carrier, real-time processing, access to virtual information, such as access to information, find contacts on the wall, playing on the floor, furniture, on the wall in the living room directly to Skype video calls, watch the game etc.. Such as "Iron Man" in the hands of stark through virtual space objects in mobile rotation can be achieved through the HoloLens. Virtual reality interactive devices have been widely used in the game field. The United States Virtuix company launched a special game virtual reality equipment Virtuix Omni, the user through the steps of control characters in the game with VR mobile, the first significant parts, users can experience the first person perspective game realistic three-dimensional effect. Other games virtual reality interactive devices as well as Turris, Roto VR and VRGO, the shape of approximate rotating seat, the main body action mapping user to virtual reality games through the built-in inertial sensors, so as to control the avatar in the virtual reality scene.


Virtual reality interactive devices are not limited to daily use, in other areas can also play a huge role. In April 2015, Sony Corp and the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration cooperation, jointly developed an application in aerospace field virtual reality equipment Mighty Morphenaut, the operator can practice on the operation of the robot in the virtual world of robots will put on a helmet after VR.


The development of virtual reality technology in a good situation, many people also expressed concerns that virtual reality technology is a virtual reality equipment is expensive, so many consumers flinch; two is the virtual reality equipment damage to the body, helmet device such as heavy burden brought the spine 360 degree panoramic view, showing increased motion sickness; three is the virtual reality equipment present content need to check. However, the rapid development of virtual reality technology is accelerating the integration of virtual scene and real scene. In the near future, more healthy, more portable, more immersive virtual reality devices will become an important part of people's lives.