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Optical Fiber Communication System

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Nowadays, optical fiber has become the main transmission method in the world due to its high anti-interference and low signal attenuation, which is far superior to the transmission of cable and microwave communication.



1. Optical Fiber Communication System

The optical fiber communication system is a communication system that uses light as a carrier wave to transmit information through light-to-electricity conversion. The optical fiber communication system uses extremely pure glass drawn into extremely thin optical fibers as a transmission medium.


With the rapid development of the international Internet business and communication industry, informatization has brought a great boost to the development of world productivity and human society.



2. Optical Fiber Communication

Optical fiber communication is a communication method that uses light waves as an information carrier and optical fibers as a transmission medium. From a principle point of view, the basic material elements that constitute optical fiber communication are optical fiber, light source and photodetector.


Optical fibers can be classified according to manufacturing process, material composition, and optical characteristics. In addition, optical fibers can also be classified according to usage. It can be divided into optical fiber for communication and optical fiber for sensing.


Transmission media fiber is divided into general and special. The optical fiber for functional equipment refers to the optical fiber used to complete functions such as light wave amplification, light wave frequency division, and light oscillation.


Optical fiber communication is a communication method that uses light waves as a carrier and uses optical fiber as a transmission medium to transfer information from one place to another.



3. Communication Systems

Optical fiber communication technology and computer technology are the two cores of informatization. The computer is responsible for digitizing the information and inputting it into the network, and the optical fiber is responsible for the transmission of information.


With the development of society and economy, the information capacity is increasing rapidly. In order to improve the transmission speed and capacity of information, optical fiber communication is widely used in the development of information. The communication system is mainly divided into basic optical fiber communication system and digital optical fiber communication system.


(1) Basic Optical Fiber Communication System

The basic optical fiber communication system is composed of data source, optical transmitter, optical channel and optical receiver. Optical transmitters and modulators are responsible for converting signals into optical signals suitable for transmission on optical fibers. Optical receivers extract information from the optical signals they received, and then convert them into electrical signals. Finally, we get the corresponding voice, image, data and other information.


(2) Digital Optical Fiber Communication System

Optical fiber transmission system is an ideal channel for digital communication. Compared with analog communication, digital communication has many advantages, such as high sensitivity and high-quality transmission. Therefore, digital transmission is often used in large-capacity and long-distance optical fiber communication systems.


The application fields of optical fiber communication are very extensive, mainly used for local telephone trunks. Optical fiber communication will gradually replace cables and be widely used. It was also used for long-distance trunk line communication, which used to rely on cable, microwave, and satellite communication. As one of the main technical pillars of information technology, optical fiber communication will become the most important strategic industry in the 21st century.