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2016 to 2020 Global Optical Fiber Connector Market

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2016 to 2020 global optical fiber connector Market CAGR will reach 9.7% 

global optical fiber connector Market

According to market research firm and Markets Research latest survey report shows that from 2016 to 2020 the global optical fiber connector market will be an annual compound growth rate of 9.65% (CAGR) growth.

Undersea fiber optic connector growth will be the main trend of market growth.

Due to the growth of offshore oil exploration and production, the industry is constantly exploring new ways to improve operational efficiency and oil and gas reservoir recovery.

Therefore, the cable is a better choice. Compared to that of copper cable in the long distance transmission of higher data rate.

In 2020, with the growth of the cause of the sea, more data will be generated, so as to increase the bandwidth and long distance transmission of optical fiber.

Among the many market growth factors, one of the most prominent is the increase in the number of global data centers.

Due to technical progress, the number of global data centers will continue to increase.

Cloud computing provides an effective way for global data access. At the same time, such as smart phones, tablet PCs and smart wearable devices, such as the use of small devices are growing.

Data center will provide high performance computing across multiple vertical industries, thus promoting technological innovation.

However, the higher initial investment has also become a major challenge facing the market.

In view of the planning and implementation, the installation of the complete optical fiber system requires a high input.

In addition, for the selection of the system, the user must decide the device transfer format (analog or digital), the availability of digital transmission hardware, the need for multi-mode or single-mode optical fiber and the type of fiber optic connectors, etc..

Optical fiber services are more expensive than basic cable services.

Despite the relatively affordable prices brought fierce competition to the service, but still higher than the price of copper fiber.